noragami episode one


Hello everyone! Saw a tumblr post and decided to check out this anime called Noragami. It looks interesting, so I can’t wait to see if it lives up to my expectations. I’ll simply be posting my thoughts during the episode and summarize everything at the end. There will definitely be spoilers, so only read on if you’re prepared!

  • Yato and Tomone look like fascinating characters. She’s a Sacred Weapon and he’s a minor god, interesting.
  • Not a huge fan of the animation (other than Yato’s eyes, they’re nice), but it’s not bad enough to put me off from watching.
  • Theme song is really good, something I’d considering watching every episode even. The music and style are very well done.
  • Judging by the content, the anime is focused upon weapon-wielders (gods, perhaps?) and weapons. The characters all look relatively diverse and engaging.
  • Yato seems very watchable so far, very realistic and human (for a god — and an anime character).
  • Looks like we might be setting up for a romance between Hiyori (the main character) and Yato (the minor god), but it’s still too early to tell.
  • Looks like this anime is taking a page out of Yusuke’s book from Yu Yu Hakusho and killing off the main character right away. Actually, the way the act was done, it was extremely similar to the event in . And she wakes up again, also like Yusuke did.
  • Apparently Hiyori’s brush with death lets her hear the voices of the “Far Shore” (and for some reason she seems to be acting like a cat? Could this have anything to do with the tail she was shown with during the opening song or is it just a gag?)
  • Halfway through the episode and it seems very promising so far. Onwards!
  • Apparently Yato can erase peoples’ memories of him or has a similar ability (maybe it is unique to gods?) as nobody seems to remember him.
  • So it seems Hiyori does have a cat’s tail, but it is a…spiritual cat’s tail?
  • The monsters in this anime are amazing, very colourful and, well, monster-like.
  • NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL A “STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER”. I had thought this was going to be like Kamisama Hajimemashita, where the helpless girl is rescued by the strong knight in shining armour, but Hiyori just kicked the monster in the face while Yato was helplessly flailing around! This whole episode has just been Hiyori saving Yato’s ass.
  • Apparently the deal behind Hiyori’s tail is that it only comes out when her soul has left her body, because she’s in-between the “Far Shore” (where the dead are) and the “Near Shore” (where the living are). She also seems to gain massive physical strength when in this form.
  • So Yato has agreed to grant Hiyori’s wish to be a normal human again. Something about their “destinies intertwining”. Sounds good to me ;3
  • And the episode is over! It was definitely interesting. If you want to know my thoughts, read the summary below!

Norogami A Housecat, a Stray God, and a Tail definitely exceeded my expectations. The plot seems interesting (even if it is a strange combination between Yu Yu Hakusho and Kamisama Hajimemashita), the characters look very unique and realistic and the animation is decent enough not to chase me away. Hiyori seems to be a decent female protagonist, though she does lean a bit on Yato (though that’s understandable, seeing as he is a god). All in all, thus far I would recommend you watch it!


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  1. #1 by torisunanohokori on January 6, 2014 - 12:26 pm

    That Jungle Savate scene was so great; I was sure it was going to end up as a typical “guy saves her at the last possible moment” scene. Strong female character indeed.

    I also like how Yato has the same VA as Araragi from Monogatari. The two characters are similar in all the right ways.

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