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how do you blog?

Yeah but really what do people blog about? The only blogs I’ve read are social justice ones and novel-writing ones so I don’t exactly have much experience with this whole thing. I was always shitty at keeping a diary when I was younger too. I’d get one for my birthday or Christmas and I’d try to write in it every day but after a while I’d say to myself “well, nothing really interesting happened today, so there’s no point in writing anything, I’ll make up for it tomorrow”. You can probably tell where it went from that point. So this is a very new experience.

Things I may end up blogging in the future:

  • daily updates
  • anime (reviews, analysis, interpretations)
  • video games (reviews,¬†analysis, interpretations)
  • Japanese language progress (updates, consolidation, practice)
  • writing (ideas, short passages, characters)
  • social justice (mostly feminism, also gender and sexuality)

So that’s about it really. It’s past 12AM here and I really need to work on both my Latin/Classics summative and my Introduction to Computer Studies summative so there probably won’t be anything posted until later this afternoon. Goodnight!


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